1. Wrap 1 microfibre cloth around the sponge & apply 4 or 5 drops of Armor Shield IX across the cloth
  2. Wipe a thin layer across the car surface. First horizontally and then vertically to ensure an even application on a single panel or section
  3. Let the coating sit between 1-5 minutes, then remove the residue by very gently buffing with a separate cloth or microfibre towel.

(add 1-2 drops more whenever the cloth gets dry)

a. ~10 degrees C (50F),: wait 4 minutes,
b. ~20 degrees C, (68F) wait 2-3minutes,
c. ~20+ degrees C, (70F+) wait 1-2 minutes

We recommend folding the cloth/towel and lightly wiping first with 1 side, and then very gently buffing with another side. Very little pressure is required.

Ensure there is no residue or high/dark patches remaining

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